This page acts as a directory for major video playlists published on YouTube, sorted by theme by inverse chronological order.

NYU Deep Learning Fall 2022 selection

One more semester, one more update for the course content, mostly driven by the book writing process. Meaning, while writing down the lecture notes, I inevitably use extra care to better explain the concepts, therefore crafting new illustrations and examples. Below you can find a playlist containing the latest edition of my lectures. For missing videos, please fall back to the Spring 2021 edition. Use the NYU-DLFL22 website to navigate these episodes.

NYU Deep Learning Spring 2022 selection

A few video from the SP22 semester. I’ve been writing the book full time, I have no time to edit all the videos. Captions: 🇬🇧.

NYU Deep Learning Spring 2021

Best edition so far, with digital visual effects and motion graphics. (Yes, I’ve learnt how to use Adobe After Effects for publishing this edition.) Captions: 🇬🇧, 🇫🇷.

NYU Deep Learning Spring 2020

First time the material was ready for the public. Started in person and later went online because of CoViD-19. (First time using Adobe Premiere extensively.) This edition has lecture notes translated in over 15 languages by over 500 volunteers. Captions: 🇬🇧, 🇫🇷.

How to prepare a presentation

If you need to present something to me, do watch this video first, so that we can focus on feedback on your content and not on the form.

Last update: 5 Feb 2024.